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Getting the benefit of exercise for your diet

Lots of advertising on the streets, newspapers and television that sells various medical devices or food and beverage products that are believed to eliminate cellulite in an instant. If it is problematic with cellulite, you should not easily believe with these ads.

Fitness and bodybuilding expert Ariane Hundt said that eliminating cellulite can not be done with random sports, let alone using tools or foods that are not obvious benefits.

"Exercise can indeed eliminate fat, but that does not mean it can eliminate the cellulites that exist in your body.To get rid of cellulite requires proper exercise, nutrition, and blood circulation smoothly," said Hundt on CNN and written Health Saturday

Well, to get rid of cellulite properly and quickly, following some steps recommended Hundt, among others:

1. Current blood circulation

Circulate your blood circulation by giving massage and doing strength and cardio exercises regularly. Another way to smooth blood circulation is by taking a hot shower and cold water alternately.

2. Diet with 14 day rapid fat loss

Reducing fat in the body can make it easier to get rid of your cellulite. Avoid consumption of sugar, alcohol, fast food and fruits that are too sweet. Do not forget to also reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and multiply the foods of vegetable protein and vegetables.

3. Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise can eliminate body fat and tighten your body muscles. Running, walking and swimming routine is one of the great cardio exercises to remove cellulite.

4. Strength training

Well to tighten the muscles that are under the cellulite, strength training is very necessary. Some things you can do include Step-up, Lunges, and Squats. Do this exercise at least twice a week.


The bad habits when you're at kitchen

If you are not too sure of yourself, it is tempting to follow the recipe. But unfortunately, if just following a recipe you will miss a valuable opportunity to make a healthier menu. If it says one cup of cream, for example, you can replace it with a Greek yoghurt or avocado team. This simple trick can cut calories without changing the taste. well get better menu in fat burning chef recipes

Cooking food while eating

Holding the urge to taste while cooking may sound impossible, especially if you are starving. Although not harmful, every bite can increase the caloric intake. Well, to avoid it, try to chew gum while cooking. Another solution, you can reduce the portion of food as much as the amount of food picked.

Can not bear to eat leftovers

The dinner tastes so delicious, you feel full and very satisfied. But things began to change while washing the dishes. At that time you accidentally glanced towards the stove and saw there was still a bit of pasta left. Who can bear to see delicious pasta in the kitchen? To work around this, get rid of leftover food as soon as possible so as not to be tempted to touch it.

Don't follow your emotion when eating

Not just to get energy, current eating activity is also often done to overcome the emotional overload. Though this habit can make weight increase unnoticed, you know.

"In general, the main cause of a person experiencing emotional eating is due to boredom due to unstable routines and emotions, usually due to stress," said Rita Ramayulis, DCN, MKes, nutritionist, as written in his book 'Slim is Easy: The Wonder Way to Lose Weight Body with Diet REST 'and quoted Health on Monday (9/6/2014).

Lecturer in the department of nutrition at Poltekkes Jakarta II also mentioned that the first step you can do to overcome emotional eating is to recognize hunger.

"If you feel stomach rumbling, do not rush to conclude that you are hungry, remember what time you last ate, if the distance is only 2 hours, maybe you are not hungry, but dehydration," said Rita.

Relaxation is also considered Rita can help you overcome emotional eating. The trick, when there is an urge to eat when you are not hungry, immediately switch the mind. For example, listen to music, play games, read or chat with friends.

"Keep healthy food in the form of vegetables or fruits, as well as whole wheat bread at home or at work.When the desire to eat comes because of emotion, you will automatically find food immediately.If there is only vegetables and fruits, you will automatically consume them," wrote Rita .

Regular physical exercise and adequate rest also should not be taken lightly. When a person does regular physical exercise and enough rest, he or she will more easily manage stress.

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