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How to know if your body is fit less

Exercise is very beneficial for fitness, exercise also helps the body ward off disease. It's just that we can not force yourself to exercise if the body does not feel well. If the body does not have stamina, not doing the right exercise procedure will cause the body to experience health problems. One is the body shaking and stomach queasy. Another symptom is the following and ways to overcome them quoted from She Knows.

1. Body Tremors

Shivering is caused due to the low amount of sugar in the blood and require some nutritious food intake. Glucose is needed to produce energy while on the move. Anxiety and sweating causes decreased stamina. Tremors can also be caused because you are consuming caffeine before exercise that increases the work of the heart pacemaker.

Eat before exercising with foods rich in protein and carbohydrates and fats. You can try whole wheat bread and peanut butter, oatmeal and yogurt and fruit.

2. Stomach Nausea

Exercising on an empty stomach will make you feel nauseous. Because exercise requires energy drained blood from the stomach. Flu-like symptoms and are pregnant also cause nausea and advised not to move heavy. You need to restore yourself first and set meal 2 hours before exercise. Very good if taking vitamins and if the nausea they feel should consult a doctor.

3. Itching

Because too much sweating and high temperature of the room that makes the skin have allergies, itching and red spots. Usually, in addition, are also triggered sportswear tight and unable to absorb sweat. We recommend that you do not scratch the itchy skin to avoid irritation.

Wipe with a clean and dry towel and shower after exercise is completed to eliminate the bacteria that cause itching. If the itching still feels drinking anthistamin and steroids as prescribed.

4. Knee Rattling

Crackling sound in the knee area during exercise due to your age getting older. Joints are no longer perfect also cause this noise. This is reasonable as long as there is no change in form on your knees. If it is swollen and sore you should consult your physician to anticipate their injuries were less muscle stretching before exercising.

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Losing the weight by rearranging your breakfast menu

Excess weight will usually make you do a strict diet to lose and discard excess fat. Start a healthy diet by eating vegetables and fruits along with sports to an unhealthy diet by not eating at all, also attempted to lose weight in an instant.

Not infrequently, you skip breakfast to reduce the portion of food in a day to lose weight, while skipping breakfast is not a good strategy. Instead you should breakfast to boost metabolism, burn calories and not "greedy" when lunch. Well, for those of you who want to have an ideal body weight, preferably no rules refer breakfast from Fit Sugar is quoted below:

Spot One Hour After Wake

The first step, you have to set a breakfast time is right. Eat one hour after waking to maintain the circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle in the physiological processes for determining sleep patterns and eating habits) as well as faster increases metabolism in the body.

Eating Protein Not Sugar

Choose foods that are high in protein such as eggs and wheat. These foods are not only low in calories, but also provide extra energy to get excited early in the day as well as help you be not excessive at lunch. Do not be too often consume foods that contain a lot of sugar, such as pancakes or toast with jam jelly.

Breakfast At least 8 grams of fiber

One of the keys to lose weight by eating foods that keep you full so did not want to eat food high in calories. For breakfast, consume at least 8 grams of fiber. If you have more time before leaving office, try to make a breakfast that contains 10 grams of fiber and gluten-free, such as oatmeal or sweet fruits.

Do not Overuse Eating Foods High Calorie

Lastly, it is important to maintain the amount of calories while eating breakfast. The recommended calorie intake of about 300 to 600 in order to a healthy weight. Therefore, choose low-calorie foods. Yogurt, fruit, and whole grain breads are the right choice.

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Sitting a lot can waste your exercise effort

If you've already used to sit all day, both at work and at home, then someone is likely difficult to change the habit. However, this study may help motivate you, especially the men.

Recent research conducted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, any man who would sit mostly at risk of becoming obese, do not care if they are actively engaged in physical activity with tacfit at

Researchers confirmed this by observing the 4,486 men and 1,845 women aged 20-79 years, who spend their time sitting, either while in office, school and home.

They asked each respondent to report the frequency and duration of the 11 types of physical activities, including walking, running and cycling.

Nearly half of men admitted to three-quarters of a day they spent sitting, while women who admitted having a habit of sitting for only around 13 percent.

"Even if the woman also used to sit a long time, but still, the level of obesity is still under the man," said the researcher, Carolyn E Barlow reported the Washington Post.

From the results of waist circumference and body fat percentage is certain that whatever the outcome, if they are more sedentary during the day, it is their tendency to be obese are also greater.

"No matter how good fitness level respondents, if they are more sedentary, they tend to be overweight," concluded Barlow.

Even during these risk factors often associated with obesity such as cholesterol and glucose also has nothing to do with prolonged sitting. It is considered quite shocking.

The study is similar to research the University Health Network in Toronto who said someone is still at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer as most sit despite diligent exercise as well.

Conversely, people who exercise can not offset the perceived risk of the body from sitting too long. "Yet still doing physical activity, at least to reduce the time you sit down because it also lowers the risk of diabetes and his friends had. No matter despite only performed for a moment," added Barlow.