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Choosing fresh fruits or juices for diet?

In recent years, more and more people have accepted challenges, such as drinking vegetable juice or smoothie every day for several months, for a healthy lifestyle. But not a few people who reject the challenge because more believe the efficacy of fresh vegetables and fruits are consumed directly, without being processed into juice or smoothie.

Actually, which one is better: eating fresh vegetables and fruits or drinking the juice? About this matter, Stella Bela, doctor of nutrition clinic , gave the answer. "The most important thing," Stella added, "is to know that the fiber in the form of the drink is healthy or not, sometimes in the form of juice is it true or not ?, as quoted from CNN

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Recognized Stella, busyness of modern life is often the reason people skip fiber consumption, either from vegetables or fruits. Proven, fiber consumption in Indonesia is somewhat small. According to the Health Research Association (Riskesdas) Ministry of Health, in 2013, consumption of vegetables and fruits in Indonesia is still less, up to 93.5 percent. The results of the previous survey in 2007 are more or less the same.

People's consumption is higher for health-risk foods, including flavoring seasonings of 77 percent, followed by sugary foods and beverages such as 53 percent syrup, and 40 percent fatty foods. In the end, many products on the market offer different types of fiber, from supplements to beverages. It is also considered more practical than having to peel fruit or cook vegetables first.

"If you consume fibrous beverages, look at the calories, for leisure activities, just 100 to 200 calories, then it can be calculated by itself the limits of consumption," said Stella. Stella said, consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits remain important. Apparently this intake is also considered necessary in terms of psychological and organ functions, especially the teeth and mouth. "When targeting children, as much as possible to introduce the original form [fresh], because when eating real foods like fruit and vegetables [fresh], there will be simulations that work in the oral cavity," said Ayoe Sutomo, family psychologist who met on occasion the same one.

Simulations ranging from tasting, biting, chewing, to swallowing have an effect on the formation of oral organs capacity. As Ayoe explains, the taste senses of tongue trained during mealtimes provide better speech ability than those who rarely use taste buds, and biting activities can stimulate teething. "If you want the food to be destroyed," Ayoe suggests, "it is better not to be too creamy, or to be made or molded more attractive to keep the child interested in eating fruits or vegetables".


The effect from fat milk

Consumption of foods containing milk fat can cause small intestinal disorders. But if the immune system is not functioning properly, the condition will get worse and trigger inflammatory bowel disease.

The discovery was originally conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago who aims to investigate some diseases that are affected by the functioning of the immune system that can not work properly.

One of the first organs to be affected is the intestine, because the gastrointestinal tract is the longest organ associated with the food eaten. So researchers decided to look for triggers of inflammatory bowel disease, such as colitis.

Colitis is a genetic disease of the intestine and can fall asleep in the body until the immune system is disturbed. If a person's immune system is unable to perform its function properly, the disease will awaken and cause inflammation of the intestine.

As reported by naturalnews, Thursday (9/13/2012), the awakening of the disease in the gut initially because of poor diet quality influenced. A diet high in sugar and fat can trigger inflammation of the intestine.

In the study, researchers found that concentrated milk fat, such as those found in butter or cream, could disrupt the ecology of good bacteria in the gut.

Milk fat is known to increase the ability of bad bacteria in the intestine, so that the population of good bacteria needed to break down food is threatened.

The immune system will detect the disorder and will deal with the problem. But the immune system attacks the intestine as a whole, causing inflammation and expanding tissue damage.

Milk fat is found in most processed foods. Reduce the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease with low-fat, low-sugar diets, avoid consumption of processed foods, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables and eat pure yoghurt to obtain good benefits of probiotics for the intestine.

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Bananas and more fruits to help you do diet

Bananas have undergone a clinically proven research process that complements the daily nutritional intake. In addition to delicious bananas can be used as a superfood diet or healthy diet for a diet that has gained recognition from around the world. Even bananas can also be used to maintain the health of facial skin by smearing it and mixing it with honey and used for face mask to remove dirt and nourish your skin.

E. Pear

Healthy food for diet with pearPear is one of sweet fruits, fruits and high water content. When your stomach is hungry you can consume it because with a high fiber content then feeling full longer will you get. So you can include the pear as one of the healthy diet to diet. You can conjure a pear into a fresh and delicious fruit salad for your diet, and you can also make it a fruit juice by providing extra low-fat milk and calories that are so abundant in the market.

F. Avocado

Choose healthy foods for the diet with avocadoFruit avocado is very delicious to be consumed by making avocado porridge or juice is getting fresh when added to the ice. Healthy foods for this diet contain fat but are included in the class of good fats or unsaturated fats needed by the body.

2. Healthy Foods For Diet With Oatmeal / Wheat Cereal

Healthy food tips for the diet with oatmealOat meal is one of the cereals is very suitable to serve as a breakfast menu. In addition to delicious oatmeal diet is also very useful because it can make your stomach feel full longer. This is because the high fiber content in wheat so it makes you feel full that will make your appetite stuck longer. Healthy food for this diet you can use to start the day with a very easy breakfast how to make it.

Healthy Meals For Diet With Meat

Tips on choosing healthy foods for the diet with meat In this case you should choose meat such as low-fat beef that you can spread with soy sauce or spicy seasoning and then cooked. You can also choose chicken breast that holds a little fat and is able to store protein so it is suitable for your diet. But you are not recommended to consume meat often though low fat because it can make your diet program a mess.

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