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New video games published by capcom

Capcom is one of the largest concoles and mobil games company from japan. In next months, we might see some great games like devil may cry 4, cafe zombies, and resident evil mercenaries. Those games are made for iPhone and iPad.

RE mercenaries

Resident evil mercenaris is games about zombies. Mercenaries itself is bonus game that can be found in resident evil 4 and 5. The good news is, you can combine objects you find on the ground along the game into new objects.


Do you love to play game with hack and slash gameplay???. Devil may cry 4 is the right games for you. This franchise will be available soon for the IOS. You can find anything in this game, from great visual effect, shooting mode, until acrobatic combat.

Zombie cafe

You need to cook food for customers, but the problem is, your customers are zombies. The gameplay is unique, you can even send your customers to steal the secret recipe from other cafe or attack their cafe.

Street Fighter 4 Arcade version

Capcom will add some new characters like evil ryu and evil akuma. And there will be more powerful attack and combos. As a street fighter fans, you should not miss it.

Street fighter Vs tekken

The news has been spread in internet since 2010, but we don't know when it will be released officially.

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written by alen from: pro flight simulator review

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