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Wild Blood - for mobile gaming reviews

more and more titles smartphone games that have quality graphics and gameplay that is not less cool with the current- gen console . Wild Blood made ​​by Gameloft is one of them . Games with the hack and slash genre that is the first game made with Unreal Engine Gameloft offers a fast tempo game action weapon against various monsters and demons .

This game takes the story of the legend of King Arthur . But he is not the main character . Instead of the main character , King Arthur was angry because the main character , Prince Lancelot affair with Queen Guinevere turns . Because of this, trying to hunt down King Arthur Lancelot . The difficulty increases when the witch Morgana Lancelot managed to open the gates of hell , and evokes the devil . He now must save the kidnapped Queen Guinevere Morgana King Arthur once defeated .

There are three choices of weapons that can be used during the game ; swords , axes , bows and arrows . Each weapon has an element of fire , ice , and lightning which will add damage when used on certain types of demons , ie the element of ice on the attack element fire demon . Third weapons and armor worn Lancelot can be upgraded to a higher level and will open the skin other than the Paladin , the Shadow Warrior and Demon Hunter . To perform the upgrade , players can earn coins found throughout the game by defeating enemies , opening chests , and rescue prisoners . Unfortunately , just as the titles of the latest Gameloft games , some high -level upgrades require large amounts of coins faster obtained with in- app purchase . This will inevitably make the player replay a level is finished when they want to add coins without the need to carry out in- app purchase .

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