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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Games

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 ( MW3 ) back to continue the story of the present war crisis that has started from the first game . Once the conflict is compounded in both games , hunting Captain Price and John " Soap " MacTavish against Vladimir Makarov was continued in the hope of fruition . While the pursuit took place , the Russian invasion over America and Europe seem to have marked the beginning of a tragedy which is more than enough to be called World War III . Yes , Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have been successfully developed as an illustration picture MW3 World War III will be very precise . Not impressed enough away from reality and implies impression that it is not impossible to happen . Logical and rational enough .

Like what has become a tradition , MW3 still retaining storytelling through multiple viewpoints . While the Task Force 141 Yuri introduced as one of the new playable characters , gamers can also find some new playable characters from other armed entity . Yuri addition , there is also Frost from Delta Force and Burns of the SAS . Following the telling of some subjects the perpetrator story, this time the battle raged with considerable covers an area ranging from New York , Sierra Leone , London , Paris , Siberia , and so forth . The realistic is even more deeply felt when gamers can find any number of elements close to the reality . Quite a lot of wow moments included to make the adrenaline gamers often encouraged in each mission . And this is the best part .

It may not be wrong to say that the success of the games Call of Duty over the last decade and a half is a trendsetter that affect the proliferation of game genre first-person shooter ( FPS ) lately. So strong that assumption , not least the new FPS games that come directly follow the trail gets stamp of the phenomenal success that had already been inscribed by Activision with the Call of Duty franchise it . It even this also applies to some of the big franchises that should occupy parallel positions in class competitors . While the effect was even stronger, almost all gamers and industry watchers certainly can not avoid the question of to what extent the development of the next franchise .

As a continuation of the long-awaited arrival for a long time , MW3 performed with maintaining FPS concept that has been their strength . Just like MW and MW2 , the game is re- emphasizing the integration movie element in the story with the gameplay design that can be said almost without including something new in terms of innovation . There is not much that needs to be explained in detail , given the outline of this game is still the same as most FPS games today . Some parts of the gameplay that you should expect from an FPS game there by the name of Call of Duty , ranging from a tense shootout , the action in teams that turn an impression as an armed force , sessions with combat vehicles , advanced weapons are already familiar , to a moment of quick- time events ( QTE ), which helps to improve the intensity of excitement in it .

Although a little out of ideas would seem improvised gameplay , this in itself does not make MW3 cash a bad game . Gamers who enjoy how MW and MW2 presented earlier can still enjoy the gameplay by its appeal as a continuation . Like watching the Star Wars trilogy or Lord of the Rings , the first and second title obviously would not be complete without an epilogue . During this game is able to maintain a number of aspects of the power , it comes without bringing a new innovation in terms of gameplay it's not going too be a problem for a MW title . Given the potential that certainly can not be enforced .

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