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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC games review

Just like some western RPG where dialogue choices influence in determining the continuation of the story , investigative feature in Human Revolution also has a similar role , with a choice has consequences for your playing style and moral influence . So , the dialogue here is not only determine the continuation sequence that would happen , but it can also affect what Jensen should do next . In a situation , you will find several options of things to do . You can choose to do a direct confrontation or perform stealth outside the supervision of the guards , the exploration of these choices are also safe as you might find around .

Investigation not only be done in a number of sections which determine the scenario , but also on every side - quest given where you take any decision that will determine the rewards that you earn. Because this game also has a touch of free - roaming in it , you can also often explored in the Hub City . Dialogue with the appropriate NPC could provide side-quests with meaningful rewards . Reward in the form of XP and credit chips ( money ) are some of the things that have an important role in this game . XP and credits the chips you need to buy a number of items and upgrades to the augmentation Jensen (using Praxis Points ) . Like some of the other games that restrict inventory slots in it , the same thing you can see back here .

Augmentation is a key feature for Jensen in carrying out its mission . So , even this capability you must always pay attention and develop well , because the development of augmentation will also affect the gameplay method that you do . With the emphasis on hacking augmentation , it would not necessarily going to want you to rely more on the ability to pass through obstacles ( laser , surveillance cameras , and so on ) to be able to arrive at the intended objective . And the gameplay though, could be different again along with other kinds of augmentation that you improve as stealth , combat , or exploration . As mentioned above , each objective gives you the opportunity to utilize these elements dynamically and freely .

However , you can not always just continue to rely on one particular augmentation in completing a mission . You also need to consider other methods are more profitable , and this is one of the challenges which the trial & error is that you often encounter. Here also you can find the learning curve makes this game memorable action games more than usual . Although it must be admitted that the part that is able to make the gamer feel frustrated in it is not small . Moreover , when this game puts you in a bad situation where you should really be able to create a solution only with what you have at the time . For example , like when the boss battle which leaves you with a number of limitations ( the selection of the wrong augmentation , a less efficient weapon used ) . Yak , really enough to test the patience to not throw your controller at the same time .

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