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Alice: Madness Returns – PC Games Review

Alice brought the genre of third-person plural action that is still used to this day .

Alice brought the genre of third-person plural action that is still used to this day . Similar to the film directed by Tim Burton in 2010, Alice in Wonderland , air- McGee 's Alice set several years after Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking - Glass .

Not only were older , Alice McGee version looks more cynical and sadistic enough . It was probably due to the incident pushed the fire which destroyed his home and killed his entire family . As the only surviving member of the family , especially with excessive imagination , Alice begins to lose his sanity . He was eventually taken to Rutledge Asylum for treatment and medication under the supervision of Dr. Heironymous Wilson .

Alice's adventure began after serving 10 years in the psychiatric hospital Rutledge , exactly when the White Rabbit called him back to Wonderland , which now looks very different thanks to a combination of waning sanity Alice and Queen of Hearts. well , that's about American McGee 's Alice . Let's move on to the sequel , Alice : Madness Returns . The game has recently been released simultaneously for the Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , and PC .

McGee , who previously served as the chief designer of the game early , again working on the design for the sequel after EA in collaboration with Spicy Horse , which has now become his latest work . Questioning it is a little ironic , because the former Rogue Entertainment disbanded after the cancellation of American McGee 's Alice port , which is the first EA game with a rating of M ( Mature , or Adult ) , to the PlayStation 2 . This could make McGee furious .

Madness Returns , as well as the film version of American McGee 's Alice , has been developed for a long time but just started officially at the meeting revealed by EA DICE by the year 2009. This sequel continues the story right after the end of the first game , while Alice was out of Rutledge Asylum and occupy orphanage Wayward and Lost Souls . Even so , the traumatic memories of the death of his family by fire still haunt Alice herself .

Appears to be stable from the outside over the past ten years , but Alice is now starting to get back previous memories locked in the subconscious . In his memory , the house is not on fire Alice accidentally because of his pet cat dropped a lamp near the fireplace , but there are also other causes . Stress caused due to get his memory back , Alice often experience hallucinations that imbued her subconscious rejection .

It was nevertheless brought him back to Wonderland , this time without any guidance or call the White Rabit , in search of escape . Unfortunately , the world is supposed to be beautiful it looked different back thanks to the insanity. No other way , Alice must return at once to save the inhabitants of Wonderland itself from evil power of the world 's current occupant , while finding the real cause of the death of his family .

By design , Alice is still a long black haired nan straight like in the early game , make us momentarily forget the depiction Caroll against two girls in his book that although both have long hair, but blond and slightly wavy . In addition , armed with knives pride , Vorpal Blade , Alice also get some unique items as an additional weapon or shield himself when facing an opponent in Wonderland .

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