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Alice: Madness Returns – PC Games Review

Alice brought the genre of third-person plural action that is still used to this day .

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Knights Contract – PS3 games review

In terms of gameplay , Knights Contract seems to be a God of War wannabe . Carrying the concept of hack ‘ n slash , gamers control the Heinrich is immortal , while Gretchen is controlled by the AI ​​. The combination of the two is the strength and support . As usual , the main character in charge of slashing the enemy and his sidekick provide support with the power of magic . Heinrich could pull out a combo attack , in which the more combos are issued , the orb out of the dead enemy will more and more also . Orb – The orb can be used to upgrade a spell that can be issued by Gretchen . In one time , gamers can use four types of spells , and can be changed as needed through the window menu .

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC games review

Just like some western RPG where dialogue choices influence in determining the continuation of the story , investigative feature in Human Revolution also has a similar role , with a choice has consequences for your playing style and moral influence . So , the dialogue here is not only determine the continuation sequence that would happen , but it can also affect what Jensen should do next . In a situation , you will find several options of things to do . You can choose to do a direct confrontation or perform stealth outside the supervision of the guards , the exploration of these choices are also safe as you might find around .

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