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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – NDS Games Review

Last September we got the new Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep for PSP which appeared , and in this month we had the arrival of the most recent one titled Kingdom Hearts Re : coded . Maybe someone can find it quite strange how a new game franchise Kingdom Hearts ( KH ) come in a short time interval for the size of the development cycle of a game . The reason might exist on how the closing of the development undertaken by Square Enix , the game is small scale ( compared to the prior - previous development ) , or the game this time only in the form of the development of what is already there before. For this game , the last thing that could possibly be the most plausible reason , remember it is a remake that is also ported from Kingdom Hearts Coded for mobile phones which release DoCoMo in Japan about two years ago .

As well coded , Re : coded was repacking the story that essentially uses materials derived from the first Kingdom Hearts game , at a time when Sora doing adventures ranging from Destiny Island , Traverse Town , Wonderland , to other locations where he had been an adventure for the first time . Yes , the places that used to make KH was so impressive because it has been mixed up the figures from the animated Walt Disney and a mainstay of the RPG Square Enix . This time , Square Enix has made Sora to once again repeat his adventures through the virtual form of Jiminy Cricket 's journal . Jiminy and King Mickey ( with Donald and Goofy are not missed ) who discovers a mysterious message in his journal , animate avatars form Sora to help them by means of exploring a virtual form of a journal that has recorded the journey Sora . However , it does not mean Sora would do back adventures with the exact same way as before . Version of " The Matrix " from the world that she has visited is apparently also been infected by various glitch and bugs that need to be taken care of course , before you can know what is really going on .

Of its role in the overall story of KH , unfortunate that Re : coded is not a new development that could be said to have an important role . After 358/2 Days is quite took the attention with a story from the point of view of Organization XIII and Birth by Sleep which holds the role as the story of the earliest in the chronology KH , Re : coded impressed even more as a filler in the midst of waiting the fans who have been waiting for the arrival of KH actual sequel , that Kingdom Hearts III . However , given the present return of the characters that made Kingdom Hearts is so memorable , it feels even this sort of development would still be interesting to follow for the fans . One value that is commonplace recovered from a KH title , despite the fact that this time the story is not as special as the story in the previous games .

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