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Soul Calibur V: what you need to know

Crime always lose the truth, and darkness was eventually to its knees in the light. This is the most appropriate phrase to describe the ending in Soul Calibur IV. After fighting so long and tiring, Sigfried finally had netted Soul Calibur Nightmare's body and killing the nemesis. Although the greatest threat to human survival has been shattered, but its existence is not easily eliminated just like that. Pieces of Soul Edge destroyed by Sigfried spread throughout mainland Europe and create Malfested - those infected by the dark forces Edge.

Attend the new main character named Patroklos, a teenager who was in a "holy mission" to save his family and his world. Malfested are spread so wide turns tragedy impacting the lives of Patroklos. At a young age, he must face the fact that he had lost a mother figure to be killed at the hands of the Malfested and once kidnapped sister - Pyrrha. Patroklos adventure down to mainland Europe to find the source Malfested most responsible for the suffering he has lived since his youth. Not only that, Patroklos himself never cease to look for the presence of the brother who is no longer visible since 17 years ago. Who Patroklos and Pyrrha parents? None other than the veteran character Soul Calibur - Sophitia and Rothian Alexander.

Life Patroklos looks like it can not be separated from the tragedy. His meeting with Pyrrha leaving another surprise that is no less distressing. Pyrrha apparently has grown to become a part of the Soul Edge, became one of the Malfested who fought by Patroklos. Quest for revenge also automatically turned into a rescue mission. Patroklos tried to find enlightenment and revive the legendary sword - Soul Calibur. But the consequences of this battle alone is not going to be easy. In the end, the war between Soul Calibur and Soul Edge involving two brothers should lead to a certain consequence, one of them must die. Who should sacrifice? Who should die for the existence of the other? You have to play this game to get the answer.

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