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Dead Rising 3 for PC Preview

With a more powerful specification capability, the PC version of course comes with a much better improvement. Interestingly again? Capcom really did not resist creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that is more "festive" through a number of zombies who rise significantly. Restrictions framerate at 30fps be a blessing, at least make sure that the drop in framerate happens when hundreds of zombies appear in the screen, will not significantly affect gameplay comfort. Under certain conditions, the framerate can touch below 20 fps.

As with the series Dead Rising earlier, Dead Rising 3 also offers a sense of fun gameplay and crazy at the same time. Opportunity to collect various objects and make it as a weapon to kill zombies there, Dead Rising 3 also allows you to combine a variety of these objects into a much more powerful weapon, which sometimes comes with effects and special attacks are super cool. Humor classic Dead Rising also be maintained, than just a conversation that is created, to a variety of weapons and clothing designs that you can get. You also have the freedom to explore the vast city, to get a variety of weapons blueprints and funny costumes unique. Enough to make you forget the fact that Dead Rising 3 also comes with a story line.

While waiting for a more proportionate time to do the review, let us give some idea as to what the visual quality offered by Dead Rising 3 in a series of new screenshots that we took own this. There are some things that we did not try because it is too busy destroying the zombies without any of these reasons: including multiplayer mode and some parts of the city to be opened by passing a certain story progress.

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