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Knack: exclusive games for playstation 4

What do you expect from an initial release of the next-gen game ? Most gamers will certainly appoint games which is designed to demonstrate the ability of the platform and of course the visual potential in the future they can be, as it is done Killzone: Shadow Fall for Playstation 4 Regardless of the mediocre gameplay mechanics , Killzone successfully perform these tasks very well. But who would have thought, one of the products offered by Sony as an exclusive early release of Playstation 4 just does not make it as a focus. From the hands of SCE Japan, an action platformer latest game called - Knack introduced.

With a design that looks so cartoon, many gamers who believe it will be the new mascot of the Playstation 4, replacing the position of Crash Bandicoot and Little Big Planet in the past. Despite its visual quality is not pursuing the level of realism like Killzone: Shadow Fall, but you could see the quality of the graphics, especially the lighting effects, particle, and the detail of the characters that make it worthy enough to be called a next-gen project. Choosing a visual style as well as animated films from Pixar three dimensional and the like, Knack was seen as a project that is intended for children as the main market. But is it so? Once you try it, you can conclude, that this game did not offer a taste of Crash Bandicoot in it.

Instead referred to as the action platformer game, Knack more deserves to be called as a hack and slash action game God of War class. Unique creature that is able to absorb relic, making the size become larger, it will be faced with a situation that required him to destroy any existing obstacles before it can move to the next area. Interestingly again? Do not ever be fooled by the appearance of visible trivial, because Knack gives the first impression was strong enough that it is not a game designed for the children's market. Why? Because of the level of difficulty that he would even offer enough to make you frustrated, especially in the early levels of the game. Can not just act blindly, Knack requires defense and attack strategies appropriate.

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