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Resident Evil 6: a massive adventure games

Visualization has always been a strength of Resident Evil and consistently prepared by Capcom for the new series. Resident Evil 6 comes with the graphics quality that does not disappoint, with the detail of the characters and settings that are much more powerful and clear. But one of the changes which are quite subtle actually felt there at the side of the existing gameplay. You will find the impression of action games which is now more powerful with the addition of a variety of features and movements that can be done by any character. You can now do a cover, diving, to do without a knife melee attack though, unlike the previous series. But you will feel quite challenging difficulty level through a number of increasingly difficult enemy to be subdued. Skill system is also injected to replace the popular shop system in Resident Evil 4 and 5 As with any RPG, skills that you choose will give certain advantages to the character you use.

Why do we call Resident Evil 6 is Resident Evil as a series with the most massive? Because it is positioned like this. How not? Unlike the previous series which just makes the character as the focus of the story, you will be able to play at least three characters through three different scenarios in this latest series. You can play as Leon, Chris, and Jack with story lines and gameplay focus different from each other. You will find a more subtle impression of a classic in Leon scenarios (as we do today), while Chris and Jack's scenario will bring you to a new world of Resident Evil. Setting a wider and more characters that create the illusion of a Resident Evil series which is much larger, much more massive.

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