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Premier Manager 2006-2007 - classic simulation games

The game is presented with ideas that are pretty good. Indeed, this game is not as complex and complete as Football Manager or Championship Manager, but with six major league presented, this game actually worth playing. You can play a role as a manager of teams of the English Premier League, Lega Calceo Italian, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, as well as the Scottish League.

In addition, Premier Manager 2006-2007 also appear attractive in terms of presentation and gameplay presentation. The first time you served as manager, chairman alias club owner will call you and invite you to converse. Then the reporter came up to you and ask about your ambitions for the club that you just signed. Then coaches will introduce themselves, and they offered to help prepare training schedule, as well as contacting other teams to play friendly matches. Each of these interactions is very fun. You can choose conversation options, like an RPG game.

In fact, when you make the transfer, you can negotiate with the club that players want to buy. Then, after an agreed price accordingly, then you will talk to the player and his agent. Contract talks are also becoming more realistic with RPG-style model of this conversation. There are players who refuse to join your club, but the option of your choice next talk was able to melt the player, then it is likely the player will be yours. Well, as this element is actually very nice, very rare in other manager games.

In addition, you can also do upgrades, ranging from the capacity of the stadium, training facilities (training), merchandise store, and so forth. Display menus and order interface also looks easy to understand and impressed quite attractive.

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