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Trackmania United games review

All gamers, especially fans of racing, must have been familiar with Trackmania title. This game has appeared in several sequels and the last is Trackmania United. This time, what else is offered by Nadeo, the French game studio that became the developers of Trackmania? This game is similar at first glance compared to Trackmania Sunrise which came out about a year earlier. But there are some changes and additions in it, now it will try everything I said in the article below.

what is the distinguishing Trackmania and other games? Perhaps this question was implicit in the minds of the readers. Trackmania, arguably is leaning towards racing fun. In addition to racing, this game offers an element of fun and colorful game that thick. Maybe in the real world, you can compare this game with toy Hot Wheels are many you find in Toys City or perhaps some Hot Wheels games who also had released some time ago.

The game is divided into 3 modes of play, and each of its mode has a myriad of challenges that are very interesting and very varied. The first mode is Race, here you will try to set a fastest time, then for the next race you will fight a "ghost car" (the shadow of the car that scored the fastest time earlier). The goal is of course to set new records and new records continue, as much as possible. May be likened to the Time Trial in other racing games.

In Race mode, you will be treated to a wide variety of circuits are available in various levels and the level of difficulty of the circuit. You need to be finished in under a certain time limits for obtaining medals, both bronze, silver, gold medals up. Track presented varied, ranging from the simple to the complex. Track simple just a plain path winding, you need to note here is how you take the right corner so that your car remains speeding and could finish as soon as possible.

In contrast to the complex track, in addition to the winding, there is also a path contour, no slope, derivative, or a bumpy path, there is even a ramp (board to jump), then there will be a charger (some sort of booster to accelerate your car) and in front of a trajectory that rotates 360 degrees vertically (like a roller-coaster track). Well if it is so, you need to pay attention to the position while jumping, and techniques through the charger when the car accelerates and then when spinning. Because the enemy is time, the more perfect for racing, the faster you reach the finish line.

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