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Batman Arkham City for PC gaming Review

For fans of Batman, the story of the story in this game in some aspects, it will look very attractive, especially when Batman met with old enemies, and among some old enemies it is a form of enemies but friends, and unisex former lover Batman. Yup, there's a bit of a romantic side in this game that surprised the author. However, the shock was only temporary, because the romantic story that became one of the central point in the storyline in Batman, less explored further.

So, again, the developers lack maximize that, when a former lover Batman became a strong link between the story of the legendary superhero, Batman the culprit in the town of Arkham and the eternal enemy of Batman, the Joker. It is unfortunate, romantic story it just be a mere distraction, no doubt it will greatly affect the ending of the story, which seem so bland. In fact, the ending is the only one who appeared in Batman AC. But, regardless of the fatal flaws, Batman story in eradicating crime, still as good as before.

Viewpoint in this game is 3rd person shooter, but the Batman does not use any firearms in his defeat enemies notwithstanding his majority could use a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle shotgun. Batman rely more on his martial arts were very high as a major weapon in eradicating the rampant crime in Arkham City, in the form of arms and legs are very strong. In addition, he uses so much gadget for help in defeating the enemy. Most gadget there are new some are old.

The main Gadget very typical in Batman AA, namely Detective Vision and Grapnel Gun back in Batman AC is present, even Grapnel Gun become stronger and more far reaching and corners of the city. Yup, Arkham city is different from the Prison Arkhams dominant before. In this prison town, setting the location of the dominant open, and the nature of its gameplay originally a semi open-ended now transformed into an open-ended gameplay. As gamers play the game Grand Theft Auto IV, but minus the land vehicles and air vehicles, water vehicles.

In this Arkham City, Batman gamers as freely explore any corner of the city by using the foot, and the grapnel gun-his cape. Yup, coat (the-cape) is legendary Batman reappeared and will be very important role in Batman AC. Gamers are free to fly (glide) anywhere using the mantle of Batman, and by combining the power grapnel gun then cruising gamers will even further. Coupled with the ability to coat the the nosedive down then, but can to attack the enemy on the ground can also serve to add a cruising to fly with the Batman mantle.

So, even though Batman is very linear storyline but the nature of the gameplay turns into an open-ended, it will appear as side missions, in addition to the primary mission as usual. Gamers are free to continue the mission would remain the main course without completing various side missions, or take care of side missions scattered everywhere in Arkham City. the side missions, usually appear when gamers talk to some NPCs in the city of Arkham. Because, in an open prison, it is not only the criminal who is jailed but also da several civilians and policemen who were trapped in Gotham City's Arkham City.

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