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comedos - what is it and how it can affect your life??

Blackheads including most types of acne is easy to handle and not so cause many problems for you or teenagers who are the age of puberty. Moreover, acne blackheads will not stand out when compared with ordinary acne and cystic acne are classified as very chronic. However, there are still many people who are looking for the right formula related to how to remove blackheads.

Most people think that the black dots on the skin there is dirt that settle in the pores and block the flow of sweat. But actually it is a porous plug that comes from sweat and dead skin cells that change color to blackish on the outside due to oxidation and still yellowish white on the inside. That is why there is only black color on the outside and the inside of comedones pale yellow butter.

Maybe you often try to remove acne blackheads from the face, it would look like the top of beans. Many think that it is a pea, so comes the myth many people eat peanut that can cause acne, but now you know, the myth that says a lot of eating nuts can cause acne is wrong!.

Acne blackheads is actually clogged pores, either open or closed. As mentioned above, acne blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and excess oil gland production in the skin and do not have time out, at the end of the dirt or oil will settle on the excretion channel and block the flow of oil and sweat that emerges acne blackheads. No wonder acne blackheads are often found in the nose because the majority of the nasal skin produce more oil glands of the skin of the other. Well , whether in the nose are black spots which when pressed will come out as a solid gross grain and bean seeds resemble ?.

Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of acne blackheads always be a classic problem for teenagers and all people on earth. But it would be better, than now doing habits that can prevent acne blackheads so that your days become more better.

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