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ZOTAC GTS 450 aMP! Edition: Overclock Edition review

GTS 450 is one of the DirectX 11 NVIDIA graphics card with affordable price. The selling price of the GTS 450 is the price range of US $ 129. For the price offered, the performance of the GTS 450 is quite powerful in the face of some of the latest games. GTS 450 itself is intended for gamers who play games on a monitor with a resolution of the image below 1920 × 1080 as 1680 × 1050, 1440 × 900 or 1360 × 768 image resolution as we usually encounter on the LCD monitor 18.5 "(18.5 LCD monitor "is one of the much-coveted monitor computer users in Indonesia because the price is cheap).

However in some games, the frame rate produced by GTS 450 classified as mediocre or even less (below 30 fps). Therefore, some manufacturers offer a NVIDIA graphics card overclocked GTS 450 version that offers higher performance than the GTS 450 reference (of course the price offered is also more expensive) as offered by the manufacturer of this product ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition.

ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition, capitalize specification clock higher, non-reference heatsink, and the ZOTAC Boost Premium application bundle. Through this specification ZOTAC seen to lure gamers who are looking for a graphics card, especially the GTS 450 which is different from the others.

Specifications higher clock makes performance ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition is superior to approximately 9-13% on some of the games we tested. Even in the game Lost Planet 2 at a resolution of 1360 × 768 image; DirectX 11, ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition is able to walk with a frame rate of 30 fps. Whereas the reference GTS 450 itself has not been able to penetrate the frame rate of 30 fps with the settings.
Performance: ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition VS GTS 250

In DirectX 9 based games and 10, the reference GTS 450 is competing with the GTS 250. Sometimes the GTS 250 excel in certain games, but the GTS 450 will excel in other games. However, the ZOTAC GTS 450 AMP! Edition is equipped with a higher clock specification able to change this situation. ZOTAC Performance GTS 450 AMP! Edition is able to surpass the performance of the GTS 250. In addition, the GTS 450 has a performance on PhysX games better than the GTS 250. One again, the GTS 450 has a feature that is not found in the GTS 250 ie DirectX 11.

AMD Radeon HD 5750 is the opposite of the GTS 450 because it has a selling price less the same. In some games, the AMD Radeon HD 5750 looks more superior than the GTS 450. However, as the events of the GTS 250, GTS 450 ZOTAC AMP! Edition is able to reverse this trend. In addition, the GTS 450 has one advantage that no opponent is a feature PhysX.

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