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Call of Duty: Ghosts Singleplayer Review

Nothing much has changed from the typical gameplay franchise of Call of Duty series. Control mechanism seems little has improved so despite lo play gamepad even use guns too awkward. I find any little bugs when it came into vogue Aim Down Sight (ADS) with the use sniper aiming. There was a slight stuttering when zooming as if lo pressed the zoom button a few times, stop for a moment and suddenly react automatically zooming again.

Apart from that during the campaign missions lo playing experience will be met fairly fresh and exciting. For example, when lo required for the environment continues to run at full vibration, a moment where lo is made fly with zero-gravity environment, the battle in the water, driving some vehicle combat, stealth missions to near-guns fixed and its stealth.

One new innovation that is fixed in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts is when lo can control Riley, a German shepherd dog breeds that can lo orders for attacking enemies silently. Actually guns completely silently, because I find any sense of the ridiculous moments when I give the command to Riley in one of the stealth missions. AI enemies screaming in pain and obviously fall noisily as if guns detected in AI colleagues turned his ear. Unfortunately Riley guns so get a lot of rations appear for a very short time we see.

Looks like Call of Duty: Ghosts prefer to be in a comfort zone as its predecessor in graphical quality aspects. Differences with the Battlefield series that I think a lot of increase in this aspect. Perhaps the only difference is that little is fixed when the mission under the water used most often shown in some arena of video games (in addition to showing off the dog of course).

What weve Infinity Ward is just focus to expand in underwater levels and new features in dog character so these two aspects that could catch is fixed in my eyes and the most prominent in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts?

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