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Revenge of the Titans Review

There will be three modes that can be played, namely Campaign, Endless and Survival.

In Campaign, we will play in the story mode, which will evolve to move to another city (or to another planet), an alien who will face will also be more robust and resistant. Seemed simple and monotonous. In Endless mode we also play as well as the Campaign mode, but without the story lines and the development of an enemy. Finally, the Survival mode, we tested how long will we survive in the face of a wave of attacks given the enemy.

In the initial release version, you will definitely see a bunch of upgrades that will help you throughout the game. However, in this updated version, there will be more upgrades that will help you in battle. As well Deliveries will help you in your inventory and more.

When you're playing, you definitely are often annoyed by having to click each time the Refinery is not it? While this has been overcome by the Reprocessor, but the updated version, all that can be done automatically, and you simply prepare everything will be done to maintain the building and HQ your building.

For voice, it sounds too fitting and futuristic theme music adds value, but its shortcomings are too few and repetitive. For those of you who already have access to Humble Indie Bundle 2, you can also download a separate soundtrack has been provided

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Review Decision: Medieval

Ever imagined playing a zombie survival game, but was in the middle of a medieval-style setting, aka medieval? Well, this is offered by the flash games from developers Fly Anvil, entitled Decision: Medieval.

As in the previous Decision series, you still become a one-man-show, to eliminate hundreds of zombies alone. Well, in a series of previous Decision, you are equipped with a variety of firearms, and survive in the modern city of chaos. But in the Decision: Medieval, you only use bows, swords, axes, until the Middle Ages more nuanced weapon. Even the setting of the city is also made to resemble the city at that time.


Decision: Medieval has a very clear end goal; liberate the city from the zombie siege, and clean the surrounding area of the corpse runs it. Well, to make it happen, you have to retake a variety of vital facilities, which already controlled zombies. Game will end, if you managed to retake the city from the hands of zombies. Aka all the facilities you've successfully mastered.

Various vital facilities, such as the fortress (quarter), to mine (mine). Both of these facilities can provide a distinct advantage for the character. The fort can strengthen the defense, thus reducing the density of zombies. While the mine can add ingredients to increase the level of building materials.

At each session of the game, it will be counted one day in the game. Every single day, you can take on missions that have been provided. Whether it's clean the city of zombies, or raising the level of existing facilities. One day will be counted completed, if the mission has been accomplished.


Because of this medieval, then say goodbye to your shotgun and revolver. No firearms or the like in the Decision: Medieval. In this game, you are equipped with melee weapons, such as swords, axes, knives. While the long-range weapons, you can use the arrow and crossbow (crossbow)

As in other Decision game, each weapon can have the experience points. The more often you use the weapon, then points will rise. After the points that achieve a sufficient amount, then you will get the weapon stat point, thus becoming stronger.

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Dead Island – Epidemic: MOBA review

Zombie Apocalypse! So many scenarios and the possibility of the terrible disaster that successfully passed by the players through a variety of zombie games of all time. Dead Island is one of them. Even some gamers may assume Dead Island is a nice holiday; slaughtering zombies with a variety of ways and tools that can be found in the neighborhood. Killing zombies with a crowbar? It is common. Using a hammer? Outdated. Wear Ember? It seems also already.

Dead Island Epidemic try a different approach to cure boredom gamers who are so familiar with a variety of conditions in the game Zombie Apocalypse. This time gamers are faced with a survival game with seasoning MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) popular series like DOTA 2 or LoL! How Dead Island Epidemic concocting new experiences that give the impression of a fresh but still has the taste and aroma of a loved zombie disaster gamer?

Dead Island Epidemic tells the adventures of a few people who survived the disaster Zombie on a tropical island. If you ever played the game Dead Island, then a more complex story can be found in the game. However, in this game a much smaller scale. No story is too long-winded at the beginning of the game.

Simply put, you are one of those who somehow immune to zombie bites are rampant there. In fact, ordinary people who get bitten instantly transformed into a super vicious flesh-eating monsters. According to the story in Dead Island earlier, the disaster is an act of a failed military quarantine biological accident in one of their laboratories. As a result, new biological weapons they backfire; and resulted in the government of the island must be scorched earth and all that is in them, both zombies and humans are not exposed to the bites.

It turns out that the government's plan to clean up the mess they simultaneously shut witnesses involved there does not run smoothly. Therefore, some people managed to escape from there and find that the zombie infection had already spread to other islands! Epidemic In Dead Island, you will struggle to raise resources for the support of a group that you have. In addition to the zombies, you also will find resistance from other survivors who also collect resources for survival.

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