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Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4??

Many gamers who might call it a failed project, but it must be recognized Respawn Entertainment, manages to offer all the experience they promised via Titanfall. Fighting between the pilot and Mecha are quite interesting, gameplay balance that deserves to thumbs up, and a comparatively minimal technical problems so the main selling points. One is for sure, this franchise still has great potential to continue to be refined in the future. With sales figures are also not small, Respawn and EA of course already planning a sequel series. Interestingly again? Following what was said Respawn some time ago, EA also threw a signal that he would no longer exclusive.

As most of us know, Titanfall is positioned as a Microsoft exclusive game - for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course - the PC. This exclusive option to be alone likely born of underhand dealings EA, which was not even aware of their own Respawn. Following the wishes of the developers and keeping months ago, EA also give a strong signal that the series sequel in the future - Titanfall 2 will no longer be covered as the series premiere. He will also be released for the Playstation 4.

Confirmation openly indeed to glide, but Blake Jorgensen - EA CFO confirms that Titanfall 2 will appear more massive, and will be released in a broader platform. He said that this decision will result in a more positive effect for them.

So, when Titanfall 2 will glide? Unfortunately, apart from a small information such as this, both EA and Respawn still choose to silent.

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