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Now you can take Screenshot in Xbox One

Originally Xbox One is facing problems when faced with the question of whether the machine this game will be a maximum at the hands of gamers. Because in fact, offered more features intended to facilitate access entertainment functions users only

But they are always listening to feedback from the Microsoft Xbox Live community, and update the Xbox One update last month that part of Microsoft's commitment to continue to support their console, providing many updates and changes are more focused for comfort gamers. Such an increase in controller function that can be connected to the system more quickly, along with information hub for every game that you can monitor through the dashboard, improved party chat function icon, and promised more stable. Microsoft really listen to gamers, and now features the gaming hub really a form of social aspects in the middle of the previous Xbox One system is more focused on multimedia features family

Since the release of the Xbox One November 2013, Microsoft is actively provide updates every month for their console. Even on 2014 they claimed there were more than 100 new features and improvements for Xbox One such system. In June 2014, Microsoft also opened a special page to accommodate the demand of gamers who want a certain repairs to Xbox One. Then late last year, given Microsoft's update also facilitate developers in getting control of eSRAM (more on eSRAM, read the article below). Later that appears unofficial is, the new SDK Xbox One turns mention if developers could use more CPU power of this console to the process associated with the game.

Now continue for the next update in March 2015, has disclosed the details and already released starting yesterday for those who are members of the beta testers of his (later release early-mid March), returning gamers are spoiled with new functionality that was already supposed to be there for a video game machine. One of them is already much in demand is a function to take a screenshot.

Yup, that were in demand since the beginning of Xbox One was released, and rightly so, because the rival PS4 such functions since the beginning, and even gadgets that actually is not a gaming machine such as smartphones and tablets Android and iOS, can take screenshots by default. Rightfully Xbox One of the initial function, although the process to make it too complex.

Microsoft simplified through system updates later in March 2015, and you can take screenshots as easy as press the Xbox button twice, then to save the screenshot, simply press Y. Have Kinect? Just say "Xbox Take a screenshot.

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Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4??

Many gamers who might call it a failed project, but it must be recognized Respawn Entertainment, manages to offer all the experience they promised via Titanfall. Fighting between the pilot and Mecha are quite interesting, gameplay balance that deserves to thumbs up, and a comparatively minimal technical problems so the main selling points. One is for sure, this franchise still has great potential to continue to be refined in the future. With sales figures are also not small, Respawn and EA of course already planning a sequel series. Interestingly again? Following what was said Respawn some time ago, EA also threw a signal that he would no longer exclusive.

As most of us know, Titanfall is positioned as a Microsoft exclusive game - for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course - the PC. This exclusive option to be alone likely born of underhand dealings EA, which was not even aware of their own Respawn. Following the wishes of the developers and keeping months ago, EA also give a strong signal that the series sequel in the future - Titanfall 2 will no longer be covered as the series premiere. He will also be released for the Playstation 4.

Confirmation openly indeed to glide, but Blake Jorgensen - EA CFO confirms that Titanfall 2 will appear more massive, and will be released in a broader platform. He said that this decision will result in a more positive effect for them.

So, when Titanfall 2 will glide? Unfortunately, apart from a small information such as this, both EA and Respawn still choose to silent.

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ASUS ENGTX 465 review

Before you read article about this review below, don't forget to visit the graphics card under 50 dollars..

Chip GPU GTX 460 series is one of the best mainstream chip ever made by NVIDIA as a very impressive performance, but at a relatively affordable price for gamers. Likewise with considerable variants, among others, the GTX 460 (768MB / 192bit), GTX 460 (1GB / 256bit), which became one of the excellent overclockers, and last GTX 460SE (1GB / 256bit) as a replacement for the GTX 460 768MB.

And what about the GTX 465? Is this GPU chip included in the family GTX 460 series? For more details, let's look at four specifications of the GTX 460 series below.

Technically, it turns out this graphics card is a "descendant" of the GTX 470 which still uses the GF100 chip, just by trimming specification at some places. I wonder what strategy to use NVIDIA, not long after the launch GTX 465 graphics card, they re-launched the GTX 460 (GF104) with performance that can compete with the "brother" with better efficiency, and a more affordable price. Of course this led to the fate of the GTX 465 graphics card is like a "stepchild" that can not be the mainstay of NVIDIA.

Over time, a wide variety of applications and DirectX 11-based games more and more popping up, and the possibility of providing a bit of fresh air for the GTX 465 because it is "raw power" this graphics card has the advantage on the number of Stream Processors are more than the GTX 460 (GF104) . Is this specification will make the graphics card is becoming more attractive? Check out one of our GTX 465 review articles.

Graphics card which will be a guest star on our review of this time is the product of ASUS products ENGTX 465 1GB GDDR5. As already known, the product of ASUS always has a premium quality with luxurious and elegant appearance. In the specification ASUS still using the same specifications as the reference, as well as his use of HSF. But ASUS graphics card can present it even more special. Let's look at the photo gallery ENGTX 465 ASUS products below.

After the emergence of the GTX 560 as newcomers mainstream NVIDIA graphics card, of course, a shift in class, especially in terms of price on the previous generation graphics card. One of the affected graphics card is the GTX 465. Whether or not the producers who still have this graphics card have to cut prices in order to adapt and be able to compete with the latest graphics cards.

ASUS ENGTX 465 we tested this time still using NVIDIA's reference specifications. Therefore, you can not expect more than the performance of the graphics card other than the GTX 465 overclocking manually unless you do. ASUS, producer of top-class graphics card certainly has its own advantages compared to other manufacturers. ASUS provides software and proprietary tools to optimize his graphics card such as Voltage Tweak and ASUS Smart Doctor. However, because the graphics card is still using the reference HSF that we think is hot at full load even in case of default clock though, we felt quite risky for overclocking let alone increase the voltage on the graphics card.

For performance, the ASUS ENGTX 465 must admit defeat thinner than the "sister" GTX 460 1GB and gaming applications based on DirectX 9/10 because the texture fill rate resulting lower. However, the graphics card with chip GTX 465 is beginning to show "fangs" on applications and DirectX 11-based games that use intensive tesselation like Lost Planet 2, Unigine (Extreme Tessellation), and 3D Mark 11. For those of you who are planning to use graphics ASUS ENGTX 465 card, you should be ready to prepare the budget a little more expensive than the GTX 465 from another product. However, you will not be disappointed with what you will be given your ASUS for this product.

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