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Preview Bloodborne for PS4 - prepare to die

Broadly speaking, you who have followed the franchise Souls of the previous generation platform or PC will not be difficult to master the basic mechanics of this Bloodborne. Offers similar challenges and demands, each enemy emerges as a potential death can not be underestimated. Dodge, attack from the side, while watching various indicators on the screen will be the key answer to beat this game, slowly but surely. However, of course there are some things that make Bloodborne different than the Souls. We're not just talking about the visual quality is more beautiful as well as its theme the world moves toward a more gothic.

There are several things that make Bloodborne feels different. As early? Motion animation and battle rhythm that moves much smoother and faster. In addition, the main character is also armed with a pistol to provide extra damage to enemies from a distance or just grab their attention. The gun also serves as a "Parry" which would destroy the enemy's defense when they were attacked at certain timings. The Rest? You will find games with different levels of difficulty are not. Giant enemy, clustered, and unforgiving will test your mental limits to the worst point.

In the end? You will begin to have to get used to death. One hour beginning our game, we own even forced to swallow more than 30 deaths to progress the story is so minimal. Writing "You Died" become so common sight, and ready to lock you from all angles there. But in spite of all the difficulties that he threw, like Souls, Bloodborne appear so addictive. Why? Because deep in your heart of hearts, you really understand, that this game is not impossible to resolve. That every death you face is usually rooted in negligence, your impatience when in action, and failure to read the movements of the enemy. No more.

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