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Quick Review of Mass Effect 2

RPG Games phenomenal trilogy from BioWare, Mass Effect 2, resume unfinished story of prekuel, Mass Effect 1. In Final Ending Mass Effect 1, after destroying the Sovereign, a special agent of the Reapers and their representatives at the Citadel Council of Saren, Shepard returned adventure The galaxy searching and chasing the remnants of their followers both the alien race Geth.

In the middle of the hunting operation, Stealth Ship Normandy led Shepard and his friends, suddenly attacked suddenly by an unknown object. Consequently fatal, Normandy shattered and some crew managed to escape, while others failed, including Shepard. Two years later, after the collapse of Normandy, all former Normandy crew who survived returned to continue their life. Human Alliance has considered the status of Shepard as Missing In Action, was the Shepard is still alive.

Over the past two years, the militant organization of the human race, Cerberus has hidden Shepard in one of them in a secret laboratory. They tried to save Shepard of the status of the coma, in a secret operation codenamed Lazarus and led by Miranda, right hand leadership Cerberus, The Illusive Man.

Cerberus insisted heal Shepard of coma for a noble purpose, namely to save mankind from the threat of the Reapers. At least it's not the main reason The Illusive Man to Shepard after he woke up from the coma. Of course, Shepard is still not 100% trust him and Cerberus. In the previous story, Shepard assume Cerberus including terrorist groups, because they perform a variety of dangerous and illegal experiments on some alien race for the sake of the human race.

In addition to heal Shepard, Cerberus also upgrade some parts of the body, which brings together the omni tool into Shepard. Shepard figure for Cerberus is an important icon in saving the Milky Way from the invasion of the Reapers, regardless of the past that took place between the two parties. Currently, Cerberus find the fact that hundreds of thousands of lives of the human race who are in various small colonies have been lost without trace.

Human Alliance, according THe Illusive Man, also seem indifferent to such a terrible thing. In addition, the Citadel Council are trying to eliminate a variety of information about the threat of The Reapers for Shepard presumed dead. They also blame Saren and the Geth as the source of the chaos that has happened so far. Thus, The Illusive Man helping Shepard wholeheartedly and give Normandy second generation, to investigate the matter.

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