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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided shows new trailer

Determine your own solution to complete a series of missions thrown, Deus Ex gameplay offers a different approach. Wrapped with FPS gameplay also fused, RPG, and a bit of open-world elements in it, this franchise back positive momentum after a series executed Human Revolution Square Enix and Eidos Montreal very well. Hope to find a new series, along with the popularity of the latest generation platform, finally missed sweet! Having had just leaked yesterday, Square Enix has finally officially announced the existence of Deus Ex: Divided Mankind.

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind will take you two years after the first event, where Adam Jensen must now fight against the terrorists with Augmented in the year 2029. There are some new details were distributed Square Enix along with this official announcement. Deus Ex: Divided Mankind certainly be built using the new engine Eidos - Dawn Engine. Not only that, he also will support DirectX 12 and AMD FX Tress. Eidos ambition to make this series the best of the visual side in the history of the franchise's existence.

Along with this official announcement, Eidos also threw a CGI-based cinematic debut trailer for Divided Mankind. Provide the foundation for the story line and the conflict has to offer, you can see cool action Adam Jensen who apparently now has a new Augmented capability that is much more effective and brutal. One interesting? When he turned into a kind of electric ball and move so fast to attack targets in front. CGI trailer like this does not represent the visual quality of the gameplay or mechanics, but at least can give us some idea of ​​what was worth anticipated.

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course - the PC. Unfortunately, Square Enix has not given any certainty release date, regardless of the fact that they have opened the pre-order.

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