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New guitar hero games confirmed

Still remember with Guitar Hero? This rhythm game series is long enough to disappear from the market, about five years since the release of his latest series, DJ Hero in 2010. In fact, this series is one of the best-selling franchise Activision, with total sales of the entire series which reaches 25 million copies worldwide. Well, after a five year hiatus, this year Activision is ready to invite our music again through the new series, Guitar Hero Live!

Unlike Rock Band who choose to reboot, Guitar Hero Live really a new title this time developed by FreeStyle Games, the developer before we know it gush two game DJ Hero. In this game, Activision wants to bring a new perspective in music, namely the sensation of the players in action when the band on stage! That is why, this game brings frills Live in the title, because Activision wants when playing this game, you can feel what the players when the band onstage.

Because you want to bring a musical atmosphere on stage, then the angles are used when playing first person. And so, you can see the audience who yell at you from below the stage and also associates your band while playing. Interestingly, Guitar Hero Live will no longer uses 3D animation to illustrate all the atmosphere of the game, but instead uses the original models are modified such that it can react to what you show on stage! Actually seemed in a real concert! In addition, some songs can also be displayed with the background of the original video clip.

However you played during the concert, the audience and your band mates will issue the promised reaction is quite real. For example, if your game is very good, then you will hear the cheers of the audience which would further add to your passion in playing. But otherwise, if you play poorly, then the audience will shout with "boooo", and you can also look into your band mates who reacted disappointed to look. All will feel real, because FreeStyle Games using models of real people to present a concert atmosphere.

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