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The review of Mortal Kombat X

Midway blends franchise in the past is so phenomenal, so massive, so big to pass away without attracting the slightest attention. For a new generation of gamers, he is perhaps better known as a fighting game franchise that just sell blood and body parts as the main attraction. But believe it or not, the same selling points is also likely to make Mortal Kombat so "feared" in the gaming industry when he struggled to maintain the existence originally. Mutilation and cruelty he offers eventually trigger the establishment of an independent agency to ensure the content age rating games like this do not fall in the hands of consumers is wrong. Mortal Kombat game to change the way the industry works.

Had sunk for a long time with the tendency of diminishing popularity, Mortal Kombat picked up its momentum after the intervention of the Netherrealm in 2011 ago that successfully spawned remarkable series. Visual approach, which rose significantly with diverse effects more brutal attacks, both from new attack modes such as X-Ray until Fatality itself be a selling point so tempting. Mortal Kombat is not only welcomed back like a king by his fans who have long missed a fantastic series, but also new fans who dazzled at the level of brutality that they offer. The series of successes that brought Netherrealm create a new series - Mortal Kombat X. The main reason for looking forward to? Of course the fact that he formulated for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC - platform with performance that is certain, more powerful.

So, what is actually offered by Mortal Kombat X? Why do we call it a series of entertaining fighting game?

Deserves two thumbs up thumbs directed at Netherrealm Studios is apparently did not hesitate to step forward, at least crazy enough to throw the story "classic" Mortal Kombat in the direction that has never been reached before.

Some years after the death of Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat tournament before, Earthrealm has yet free from threat. There are still Shinnok and his right hand - the wizard Quan Chi is trying to conquer the world. Not only reinforced by the fighters Netherrealm as we know, Quan Chi was also successfully revives some iconic heroes such as Kung Lao Earthrealm, Kitana, and Liu Kang is now under control. Fights were tough, but the earth again managed to win. All thanks to the flamboyant lunge - Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, which store the amazing power. In the meantime, malicious intent can Shinnok muted.

But that does not mean Earthrealm could simply have fun without preparing for the next threat, which seems inevitable. No candidate defenders Earthrealm again a far more appropriate in addition to the descendants of the iconic heroes. Twenty years later, four new characters that become the focus appears. Cassie Cage - son of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Jacqui son of Jax, Kung Jin - a cousin of Kung Lao, and Takeda - son of Kenshi and is a disciple of the Scorpion itself incorporated in the special forces to neutralize threats directed Netherrealm on Earthrealm , However, the turmoil was not only happening on the earth. In another dimension, Outworld was experiencing political conflict is no less chaotic. Kotal Kahn - the new leader who replaced Shao Khan had to struggle with insurgency waged by Mileena, who apparently still not accept the fact of the death of the father. While in the midst of this chaos, Quan Chi bounced back to fulfill his own secret agenda.

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