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Blade & Soul got english translation

Three years since Blade & Soul was first released in Korea the end of June 2012 and, finally NC Soft plans to bring the MMORPG Blade & Soul to Western markets. Yesterday they announced that the North American and European versions will come cold season later, after the last November 2014 and opened Taiwannya server.

Action MMORPG developed by Team Bloodlust and NCsoft, Lineage her famous. Blade & Soul was actually quite unique, because it uses the settings nuances oriental kung fu and fight promises fast and full of action. The story itself raised Wuzia, where you battle to avenge the death of their master. "Wuxia" itself means "martial artist hero" and refers to the broad genre of fiction about the ancient Chinese martial arts.

For this its Western version, NCsoft will hold a beta test to rebalance this game for Western markets. They were chosen after registering on the official website to get access to the closed beta, which is planned to be held in autumn 2015 in Europe and North America.

Blade & Soul will be fully translated into English, German, and French, as well as supported voice characters in the language. Other details, including how the game is run monetization features, will be disclosed further.

What favored than most players of this game is the action that is truly riveting. One is the ability to perform a combo-character combo of skills they have, and all seemed easy to do with convenient controls and easy to understand. Movement is also smooth animation. Then when the character to enable Qing Gong, by pressing the button twice in quick W, then the characters entered Qing Gong condition that increases the speed and agility. In this condition, your character can run fast, jump high, and looks like a floating alone with acrobatic movements nan riveting.

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