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J-Stars Victory VS goes to the west

After waiting long enough, eventually we get certainty on the translation version of the J-Stars Victory VS, crossover fighting game that combines some of the world's Weekly Shōnen Jump manga series. Japanese version has existed since last March 2014 and published Bandai Namco Games, for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Then the end of December 2014, the publisher preach if they will release it to North America and Europe with a new title, the J-Stars Victory VS +, on June 30, 2015, complete with all the character of the Japanese version (nothing is thrown away). The plus sign is not just a decoration, because in addition to the two original machine where the game is already there, developer Spike Chunsoft apparently spent more than a year to process translational version because they are at the same time preparing its version of PlayStation 4, which has a better graphics quality, even for frame-rate is still locked at 30 fps as the PS3 version. In addition to support for Sony's new machine, they also incorporate Arcade Mode specifically for Western markets.

According to the developers, the Arcade mode is given to increase the replay value is more than expected in translational version. In that mode, there are several levels of difficulty levels, and what is unique about these modes, depending on the level of degree of difficulty, there are certain conditions, such as you can only choose a character that only a team of serial manga / anime 80s or 90s alone. But certainly, only here you can prove if a stronger than Luffy Naruto, Ichigo, Kenshin, Seiya or even Son Goku!

In this game Japan will still use the same audio as the version that was released in Japan, but with the addition of English subtitles. More than 50 characters of about 32 titles can you play in a game that was made as a series of celebration of the 45th anniversary of the establishment's Shonen Jump. It is not wrong if the theme of this game, "A Battle Festival, festival dream appears only once in 45 years." Of course the characters, the characters that appear in the game will display the characteristics of friendship, hard work and victory indeed become values label upheld by Japan's largest manga.

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