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Monster Hunter X for 3DS is official

In Monster Hunter Meeting 2015 and also Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced the latest sequel to the series titled Monster Hunter Monster Hunter X (Cross). This game presents a lot of new things from the super action, new attacks, new areas, new monsters, and many more.

Monster Hunter Monster X still uses the engine 4 Ultimate, and it looks like the number four is becoming an important element of this game. This game will introduce four flagship monster, four villages, and four styles of play.

In Monster Hunter X, Capcom wants to emphasize personalized for each player. Of the 14 existing weapons, you can choose a style of play that match. Super action style of play and will present a special hunting style for yourself.

The main village in the Monster Hunter X is Beruna. But the villages of Monster Hunter game before will be present again as Pokke Village of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Yukumo Village of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Monster Hunter X will be released in Japan at the end of this year.

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