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Yarn Yoshi - new wiiu games

Nintendo Nintendo Direct held May 31 yesterday, and as usual, there are a lot of new information about the game Wii U and 3DS disclosed during the online presentation, particularly for those games are released from mid to late this year. Besides which, according to our becoming the main menu, Monster Hunter X, Nintendo Japan released a new gameplay video other 2.5D Action Side Scrolling game starring a cute dinosaur Yoshi.

The video shows the action back funny and cute dinosaur Nintendo's favorite, the appearance of which is completely new, make it fluffy with a bandage thread in the middle of the world textile and fabric shades. Yoshi thread still has the same movement, but with the appearance of a varied, There are a variety of colors and patterns, including cow-like pattern, and unique, wrapping the thread with the theme of old school Nintendo / Famicom, which is expressed also through the video above. There are 50 patterns Yoshi who can you meet, including that appeared during the video: Rainbow Yoshi, Piranha Yoshi, Yoshi Winter, Moo-Moo Yoshi and Yoshi Famicom.

Then as we review earlier, there is also a amiibo support the change, rather the patterns on her body, becoming similar as the color patterns amiibo characters that you connect via NFC with Wii-Mote.

Kamek be facing Yoshi enemy here, and he changed all the friends Yoshi into yarn. Yoshi must collect every thread, and restore their form. Through the above video was also shown the existence of a large enemy force fish Yoshi launch one of his trademark attacks, Ground Pound, as well as other skills. Areas that will be passed dinosaurs you, ranging environment filled with lava, ice and caves, each of which affect and enemy attack patterns facing Yoshi.

This game was first revealed last January 23, 2013 with the title while Yarn Yoshi, and developed by Nintendo's first-party developer, Good-Feel, and handled by the designer Takashi Tezuka. During the Nintendo Direct in early April will likely be released June 26, 2015 coming to Wii U in Europe, and the third quarter in North America and other regions. Still long before the game was released, but we can already see what the visual appearance of yarn in this game through the latest video above, as well as showing dinosaurs cute Yoshi is more like a doll with yarn-plated body.

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