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Sweet Tooth's new games

Rocket League, the successor of PlayStation 3 PSN games are quite popular (downloaded up to 2 million copies) Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, confirmed the end of 2014 and for PlayStation 4 and PC. Yesterday the developer Psyonix sure when Rocket League released, on 7 July 2015.

And collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment to produce additional characters / cars that you can use in multiplayer football game where you control the American "character" cars with this extreme design. Collaboration is manifest on vehicles Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth shades. In addition, the official press release also mentions if the PS4 version and the PC will support cross-play, which means those who play the game well in PS4 and PC can meet each other in multiplayer.

Here are the new features of this digital game that distinguishes compared Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

Season Mode is newly furnished vehicle customization, unlockable items, some arenas, and more.
Features Online Mode, Multiplayer Splitscreen Local and updated from before.
Gameplay is focused on the team, forcing you to play with the advanced tactics in order to maintain a position in the monthly leaderboard.
Interaction between vehicles using physics effects, such as firing rockets, attacked from the air, to be able to imagine how the vehicle is capable of carrying and firing the ball.
There are a myriad of new content, starting the vehicle, arena, and more than 100 customization items.
Server specifically to support the smooth gameplay than the prequel.
Options broadcasts replay the game to share the game action.

Sweet Tooth itself is not a new name in the gaming world. The name is not the identity of the vehicle with the head clown grin, but a term for a clown who was driving it. He represents the PlayStation, for being one of the memorable icons of one of the first PlayStation game, Twisted Metal. Sweet Tooth, terrible clown from Twisted Metal series is indeed quite a long time not been heard. Whereas in the early 2000s first, this clown is quite legendary. In addition to the Twisted Metal series, Sweet Tooth is also ever present in the War of the Monsters.

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