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Gemscool to release Tree of Savior??

When asked about the MMORPG of the most eagerly awaited this moment, perhaps many gamers who mentions the title of Tree of Savior in the first rank. How not, the game made by IMC Games of Korea is widely referred to as the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online (RO) since also developed by Hakkyu Kim creator RO. After successful through Steam Greenlight which makes international version of this game will be released on Steam, this time came more encouraging news: Tree of Savior is coming soon! The question is, who's the publisher who brought this game to Indonesia?

For those who continue to follow the development of this game news, certainly never read a news item about the presence of Tree of Savior Indonesia last April. Unfortunately, since we mentioned that the publisher of this game in Indonesia is a new name. Apparently no longer change the prank news is good news for real. The new publisher will not bring the game to Indonesia, but publishers who already have big names, namely Gemscool!

Signs Register will release the Tree of Savior Indonesia wafted from their movements that launched a mysterious teaser site last weekend. In the teaser site, Gemscool invite 50 best RPG gamers in Indonesia to sample a new online game that will they release. Interestingly, in the teaser site appears a picture of a tree that is identical to the tree that became an icon of the Tree of Savior.

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