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Sony confirms PlayStation 4 CUH-1200

Still remember the rumors on the end of January 2015 about the PlayStation 4 Slim? It turns out there is a real will know! Although slim here not in the sense of a smaller, but lighter and more efficient.

Sony Computer Entertainment confirm it directly through the official website, if the new model PlayStation 4 this they will be available in two colors, Jet Black and Glacier White, and planned to go on sale late June 2015 in Japan, followed later in North America and Europe, as well as the following then Asian countries and other parts of the Earth.

According to Sony, they managed to make the console, and weight of the new PlayStation 4 is now reduced 10 percent compared to the previous, the power consumption is also reduced to 8%. Other parts are touched its HDD cover, which is now made doff layers so it is not slippery.

What's it worth? Sony PlayStation 4 will sell the code Cuh-1200 at a price of 39.980 yen, with a choice of 500 GB HDD. How, interested in waiting for the entry of a new PS4 lighter and electric power is not greedy? Or choose other variants that have the internal capacity double?

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