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Review Epic War VI for mobile

Around the end of 2014 and then, ArtLogic Games brought a surprise with the release of Epic War VI for Windows Phone first. Surprising, because it is usually from Surabaya studio is always released version of Flash gaming portals like Kongregate first, just after it entered the mobile. Well, after about half a year exclusively for Windows Phone, finally at the end of June 2015 they released yesterday War Epic VI is at Kongregate. How does this new series compared to the previous series?

Epic War VI still retains characteristic massive defense line like the previous games, where you will control a single hero and also other units that helped. The battle will run automatically, so you just need to set the formation before the battle begins and also set the current strategy in the battle. Strategy in battle is that you can set when to Assault (straight forward aggressively to attack the enemy and its castle), Fallback (slightly backwards to regenerate health automatically) or set the rally point where the hero and the units you want.

There are some heroes that are provided, where each hero can bring the unit in accordance with his specialty. For example Viegraff which is a figure of the knight can summon units are largely a fighter at close range melee. In battle, you can only carry two kinds of units that will continue to respawn when they were killed. Each unit has the capacity and respawn time is different, so it is certainly a good strategy is needed to mix and match in order to be effective in combat.

Each hero has a special skill that you can cast after its cooldown period after. Not only units that can respawn, but the hero can also respawn if killed in the midst of battle. In a press release sent, ArtLogic Games revealed that this game has a total of 6 hero that you can choose, as well as 36 kinds of units that you can evolusikan and raise the level to be strong.

Nuance massive battle style Epic War battle screen is still presented in this game, where the blood will be splattered everywhere, and also units that fill the screen. In terms of animation during the battle, this game is better than the previous V Epic War. Unfortunately, sometimes this battle feels less "lost interest" when the sword or weapon of the hero is not the enemy, but it still gives a damage.

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