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Heroes Chronicle, new games from line

After confirming Asiasoft Dragonica Mobile a few months ago, this time turn WaveJoy which is the mobile division of WaveGame announced that they are already working closely with LINE to release a new game LINE Chronicle Heroes!

WaveJoy itself is a joint company formed by WaveGame cooperate with one of Taiwan, User Joy Tech this year. The presence of this WaveJoy change slightly from WaveGame business strategy, from which previously focused on the Web and PC gaming as we know it in advance into a mobile game. Well, the new game LINE Chronicle Heroes is also plotted as WaveJoy debut in this mobile genre.

LINE Heroes Chronicle is anime-style MMORPG that later you can get through the official website WaveJoy, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This game presents a beautiful 3D graphics, dazzling skill effect, visually dynamic and attractive style of combat. The concept of this game is the adventure of four chosen heroes Ethan, There, Erich, and Liese who has special powers to transform into WarkKeys Heroes and becomes the last hope of man over evil power DarkLord.

By carrying casual MMORPG genre, LINE Heroes Chronicle is targeted for all ages can be played by both men and women. This game also features some of the most MMORPG features such as dungeon, arenas, boss stage, warkey that can be upgraded, guild system, world chat, merge and much more. Unfortunately, until this article was written WaveJoy not confirmed the official date when this game will be released. However, they are targeting this game could be released in August 2015.

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