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Hunter X Hunter joins Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons popularity is undeniable. The game had long been the best-selling game on platforms Apple iOS and Google Android in 2013 and then, even made a publisher, GungHo earn an average income per month up to 62-84 million US dollars from the game alone. Moreover, in the country of origin, Puzzle & Dragons is very popular. GungHo also recorded a number of times in collaboration with other game publishers to retain the interest of the players continue to play Puzzle & Dragons. Most recently, they confirmed his collaboration with the Hunter X Hunter.

manga / anime originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi (you also know through Yu Yu Hakusho) terminate the new anime series both September 2014 adaptaasi ago. While his manga published by Shueisha, and became one of their best-selling manga series, after selling more than 65.8 million copies in Japan until the early 2013, is currently experiencing a period of hiatus. Fans did not expect much. But maybe they will be re-energized after GungHo confirm if Puzzle & Dragons RPG genre holding mobile games Hunter x Hunter: Battle Allstars, which has existed since last year, enter the characters from the series Chimera Ant Arc, as Pitou, Pouf, Youpi, and also the almighty King (Meruem) as opposed to an enemy that you can in Puzzle & Dragons.

In fact, you also had the opportunity to play Gon, Killua, and the other main characters of the series Hunter X Hunter. Some characters can also evolved into a stronger form, like Gon turned into a form of "Oath and Limitation," Killua becomes "God Speed," and "Medical Student Leorio," could launch an attack that was previously used to hit in the kisser for arc Ging 13th Hunter Chairman Election.

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