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Women soccer in Fifa 16

The end of June 2015 ago, Electronic Arts confirmed the details of the inaugural FIFA 16. Through EA Sports developer, they reveal one of the most gress series features the sport of soccer team is the presence of women that can be played! For the first time in the history of the FIFA game (or maybe the whole football game), FIFA 16 brings women's national team played. You can play this woman's national team in various FIFA 16 features provided such as Match Day, Offline and Online Friendly Matches Tournament. In total there are 12 women national team is playable in this game, among others, Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico.

And relate to the inclusion of women's team, has a lot of guesswork in advance if there will be a woman in the main cover this game - of course, to promote a new feature that was first implemented, it must be shown through the cover. Some time ago came news if Steph Catley of the Australian national team, will be the cover figure for game FIFA 16 accompany Lionel Messi. At that time the outstanding cover art is still provisional, not final, and touted simply will be the cover art for Australia only. EA Sports was deliberately thrusting selection to the fans for voting on who will accompany Messi on the cover of their latest game later that in each region. As in Britain, Jordan Henderson, Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois, and Harry Kane are also competing to be the cover in the United Kingdom.meanwhile Catley is currently strengthening national team defender Australian women have also managed to beat two of his colleagues, namely Kyah Simon and Katrina Gorry. Other soccer players who already know will accompany Messi is Shinji Kagawa for the cover of FIFA 16 in Japan, and Juan Cuadrado be representative of South America.

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