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New features for FF Type-0 HD PC

In the last month of June 2015, Square Enix never confirmed that they are ready to bring Final Fantasy (FF) Type-0 HD to be released on PC via Steam. At that time, they have not been confirmed exactly when the release schedule. However, it seems that Square Enix does not want to make the fans wait FF, due in July, they finally confirmed the release schedule FF Type-0 HD PC!

Reporting from the official statement released by Square Enix, FF Type-0 HD PC will be released in August, precisely on August 18, 2015. This PC game is not just ported from Xbox One and PS4 version only, but Square Enix has been added The new graphical option (with higher resolution) so that the owners of the PC with the good specification can enjoy this game with the maximum.

In addition, still in the same official statement, Square Enix has also revealed an additional element will provide a lot of new gameplay for the PC version of this include:

Camera while more combat improvised again.
Compatibility with achievement and Trading Card at Steam.
Dynamic screenshot mode that can be customized.
Plus various additional options such as blood levels and also speed boost for the character.

"Developing FF Type-0 HD for Steam gives us the opportunity to realize its full potential of our original vision for the game into an experience that is more optimized and exclusive for PC players," said Hajime Tabata as quoted from a statement.

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