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LINE Dragonica Mobile quick review

Online game one by one in the port into the mobile version as seeing the development of more promising. That is done in cooperation with the LINE Dragonica.

Dragonica mobile will use the action RPG genre as he use when they are on the PC port. Given a fairly simple gameplay, you will be given three attack buttons on the right side of the screen smartphone, and the directional keys on the left side of the screen to move the character.

In terms of its own graphics, this game could be categorized as Chibi action RPG. The character was designed to have a small posture. When combined with costumes available, your character will become increasingly adorable.

You can select six pieces of jobs that have different characteristics. Knight of the characters who have the highest defense and Gladiator who has a deadly attack, a wizard with powerful magic abilities, Warlock with the combined ability to cast magic and high defense, Thief who has high agility and attack the deadly area, and the last is the Assassin attack enemies with very strong critical capabilities.

Each character will be equipped with 4 pieces of skill that can be obtained when it reaches a certain level. Using skill points available, skills that can be enhanced with 3 ways. The first is a skill cooldown reduction, the second is the addition of striking range of skills, and the last is the increase in the skill attack.

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