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Halo Wars 2 confirmed for win 10

Gamescom 2015 has been taking place in Cologne, Germany starting on 5 to 9 August. And through their press conference yesterday, along with 343 Industries Microsoft confirms Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One and PC Windows 10 (there are no plans for Windows to be played before). The sequel to the strategy game genre Halo will be released late in 2016, and was developed by game studio that has become the expert strategy game and a subsidiary of Sega, the Creative Assembly. Their games like Total War series, even considered to be one of the benchmarks in the strategy genre world. In addition, they are also considered a success brings new tension through Alien Isolation. While now for Halo Wars 2, they promise a sequel to the action faster, massive battles, as well as the new Halo story.

Halo Wars 2 became the first debut series Halo Wars for Windows 10. Then also mentioned this game will offer a campaign that focused on the story, and there are plenty of multiplayer action. Not yet known whether the original story raised in Halo Wars 2 was taken in the middle of the Halo timeline. But we believe Creative Assembly viewing experience, they were able to assemble a new scenario that fits to be applied in the middle of gameplay strategies as the most reliable.

Halo Wars was first released in 2009 and exclusive to Xbox 360. Microsoft, which successfully took over the Ensemble in 2001, confirming the end of 2008, that they would close the studio after completion of Halo Wars. Ensemble completely closed end of January 2009, about a month before the game officially released.

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