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Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi Mobile confirmed

In 2013 ago, Square Enix led by Tetsuya Nomura released a spin-off game Kingdom Hearts Unchained for PC Browser (only for Japanese territory only). Kingdom Hearts RPG Unchained Chi is an air-setting world where the original Kingdom Heart is a combination between Final Fantasy and Disney which inhabited monster called Heartless. This game allows you to create their own character, both the selection of gender, hair style, keyblade and clothing. This game has a story mission you can play, of course there are many tasks that you must solve to unlock new missions. Well, before they have advised that the spin-off of this game will be released for Android and iOS. And of the official announcement Square Enix, the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi will be released in September 2015 for free! But the happy news, Square Enix also said that this game will also be released in the English version ! However they have not provided the date of release.

To prevent that, the students Keyblade using the Tome of Prophecy to get the power of a fighter of the future, in the form of fragments. And five of them also got pieces of light that turns them into monsters called Lux.Mereka will be a mentor character, they have their own individual icons representing their factions, namely: Ursus, Anguis, Unicornus, Leopardus, and Vulpes. Players can choose one of them and work within their chosen faction. For sneidir story will start from the Keyblade War.

Actually Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi planned will give the action genre. However, due to limitations of the controller becomes a constraint development of this game, then the game changed from game system into a turn-based action. You can explore the map by sliding, then the player will get its own base camp with an optional feature micro-transactions. There is a feature called Energy Action Point (AP), which you can get by way of waiting regenerate. For a game system using base cards with a certain grade (normal until rare). The card will determine the action would you use against your enemies. Not only can play alone, you can work together with your friends in multiplayer to fight the boss!

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