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Mad Max, a good apocalypse action games

Imagine if you live in a world where hope seems to be a concept that sounds so abstract. A world where drinking water, dog food, or just a maggot that eats away the corpse in the middle of the road so the luxury of its own. A world where there are no clear norms, where everyone is competing to "build" their own religion and act like a prophet, the world where rust and sand dominate life. Cool post-apocalyptic atmosphere is what built George Miller Mad Max franchise through its exceptional. His latest movie - even deserve Fury Road was nominated as a candidate for the best action movies of the year. And now, gamers finally have the opportunity to delve deeper into the life of a Mad Max.

You are able to read our previous preview seems to already have some idea about what is offered by this game. As a mainstream action games, Mad Max did not offer an innovative new element altogether. You could feel the proximity to the Batman Arkham series to the battle system. However, Avalanche Studios - dev. which also known as Just Cause dev successfully built the world and the atmosphere is so charming. Dry Mad Max world, brutality in it, as well as a variety of insanity is presented explicitly, without restraint. Other different sensations? Of course, rooted in a car that is now the main game element that can not be dismissed.

So, what exactly is offered by Mad Max? Why do we call it a game that combines car, explosion, and madness? This review will discuss it in for you!

Although it was released in the same year with Mad Max: Fury Road, one thing you need to remember before tasting this game is the fact that he was not associated with the film version. Mad Max developed by Avalanche Studios is just sharing the same universe, but does not act as a game adaptation or a sequel of the other media. You are not watching the movie version will get the experience of playing that marred. Although it must be admitted, watching the film version will give you a little clearer idea about the world of Mad Max itself as well as the significance of each role that unfortunately, most simply explained simply through words on this one game.

As the name suggests, you of course play a role as Max here. His desire to down a place called the Plains of Silence must be stopped when his car was robbed and destroyed by a mob led by the Boys War Scrotus - son of Immortan Joe. In a fierce battle short, Max almost Scrotus head splitting into two parts. But bad luck can not be avoided. Max must end by living with all the weapons, clothes and resource he had been stolen by the War Boys. Increasingly unclear fate in a world gone crazy.

Fortunately, on the way, he met a reliable mechanic with the body of a hunchback named Chumbucket. Chumbucket allow Max to use a vehicle - Magnum Opus. Instead, in a revenge mission to be launched Max, he also had to help him build and refine the Magnum Opus. Max was wandering by making Gastown as the primary goal. He also needs to make sure the Magnum Opus reinforced with a V8 engine to help pass Plains of Silence mysterious. Max returned craze.

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