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Digimon World Next Order is confirmed in TGS15

Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2015 seems to make the Digimon fans happy. Because the two game Digimon exist in an exhibition game in Japan this year. In addition to Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, one more game Digimon shown in TGS 2015 is Digimon World Next Order.

Like Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth, Digimon World Next Order allows you evolve Digimon (digivolve), rides on, and adventures with Digimon. This game presents the three main characters, each of which was accompanied by a pair of Digimon. For the main male character named takuto (the name can be changed anyway), will be accompanied by Gabumon and Agumon. Furthermore, there is a braid-haired female character named Shiki, will be accompanied by Biyomon and Palmon. And lastly, there is the character of a man named Kouta Hirose, who serves as a senior student at the same school as takuto and Shiki. In contrast to takuto and Shiki, Kouta only accompanied by one digimon course, Guilmon.

One feature that became the main attraction in Digimon World Next Order is the change of day and night. Explore the land that you will change with the change of time, including digimon in it. In addition, the Digimon in this game has its own expression. Sometimes, you can see the digimon sad, sometimes seeing them laugh, or even angry. Everything is described with different expressions.

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