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Running with a parachute is great to help burn fat

If you feel exercise has reached the plateau phase or does not produce progress, then you need a variety of exercises so that the muscles get a new challenge. One variation that can be done is run using a parachute.

According to Murat Gecmen, fitness trainer and owner FitInFitness, England, running with a parachute is very effective to surprise on the muscular system. Doing sprints with a parachute tied behind a very effective small increase in heart rate and increase muscle strength.

"This will improve the muscles of the legs, thighs and torso. Running with a parachute can also be a variety of exercises for people who have reached the peak of exercise," he said.

Running with a parachute is included in the high-intensity interval training (HIIT), namely aerobic exercise that can be quickly will spur the cardiovascular system. Nevertheless, Gecmen suggested that this exercise is carried out under the supervision of coaches to avoid the possibility of injury. When we ran to pull or tug, the more muscle that fit together. The energy released is also very big so that we become easily tired.

"When we ran, heart rate can reach 136. However, while wearing a parachute will be 156. It is enough to burn fat. Running 100 m with a parachute which expands the equivalent of 20 kilograms of load carrying run," said Gecmen.

He acknowledged, running with a parachute exercise effective enough to reshape his muscles are getting used to a variety of exercises to do. Previously, he was doing sports bikes with a distance of 90 kilometers each week.

"My muscles become unresponsive to the sport because it has become routine. Now with a running parachute, I feel fitter and clothing size is also reduced a number," he said.

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