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Tales from the Borderlands is free for android

Telltale Games released the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands end of November 2014 ago. Adventure game point-and-click adapted from Borderlands series is present as episodic as other Telltale games for PC Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, and Android. Continues on March 17, 2015 last, a game developed jointly with Gearbox Software and 2K Games (developer and publisher of Borderlands series) is to get episode two, titled Atlas Mugged. The second episode followed and Fiona Rhys step in figuring out the mystery of the existence of Gortys Project, which directs them to a secret Vault, where they had to steal some supplies from Atlas Corporation factories that have been abandoned. While Rhys also seeks to escape the shadow of Handsome Jack in his dreams, your character is also constantly looking for years what's behind Gortys Project, while also continue to be hunted by Hyperion and August. Continues then through the third episode, "Catch a Ride," which was released on June 23, 2015, Rhys and Fiona (you still control it in turns) faced criminal Vallory, while also having to go through the intricacies of the Atlas facility in looking for further instructions to search the vault.

As for the fourth episode, Escape Plan Bravo, guys adventure peaked before the presence of The Vault of the Traveler. Both characters you arrested Vallory and his men, Rhys and Fiona again forced the enemy to continue the search Vault. The clues are placed in the bottom moon Hyperion, namely Helios, while both the character you are on Pandora. Way there obviously risky, even if you get help from Handsome Jack, who was also full of guile. You go back many presented some choices and sacrifices that determines success.

Overall this game will be air-setting some time after the events that happened in Borderlands 2. So, you can finish first Borderlands previous games, a new play this game. The game features five characters with a specialization different, among others, Rhys (voiced by Troy Baker), Fiona (Laura Bailey), Vaughn (Chris Hardwick), Sasha (Erin Yvette), Vasquez (Patrick Warburton) and Handsome Jack (Dameon Clarke). While this new course Fiona Rhys and that you can control.

Tales takes place Borderlands world, focused on the planet Pandora. Stories about Vault contains treasures in Pandora has invited many "Vault Hunters" to the planet, and also the interests of Hyperion corporation, which oversees the planet by military means through a headquarters orbiting nearby. This game occurs after the events in Borderlands 2; the current president of Hyperion who has long ruled, Handsome Jack, was killed along with the arrival of many Vault Hunter on the planet. When it's well known it turns out there are more Vaults scattered throughout the galaxy, directing the search more Vault Keys, which could open up new Vaults.

Such as games Telltale Games other, Tales from the Borderlands was released in episodic, air-gameplay point-and-click, you can interact with the environment in the game, to communicate with non-player character that triggers the formation of trees conversation, and the choices made during conversations influence elements of the story in the next episode. Because a Borderlands, there are a few elements of the action via the shooter element.

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