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Rocket League for PS4 the games review

Stay tuned for the game is available on the PSN Store Asia is not easy. Keep reading on a variety of sites review how its fantastic and unique crazy concept is increasingly sparking curiosity, which ultimately paid off sweet, after Sony finally officially announced that Rocket League will be offered as a PSN Plus program this month and will be distributed free of charge. Without thinking, we immediately downloaded Rocket League and taste. The result? It seems enough to make it fit into our candidate as one of the best multiplayer game of the year, ready to fight with giant class that offers the same concept Siege Rainbow Six, Star Wars Battlefront, to Need for Speed.

So, what exactly is offered by Rocket League? Why do we call it a game "ball" that is even able to beat the appeal of PES or FIFA? This review will discuss it in for you.

It is not too difficult to explain what it was Rocket League. If you always associate football with 11 people from each team who try to grab the ball and swept into the opponent's goal battle through physical endurance, skill, and strategy, Rocket League could also be called to offer the same appeal. The difference? You do not control people here. You will actually driving a car powered by a rocket behind the ball with the game based on the same batle. You did not misread. This is football car!

So as football games in general, determined victory via scores You've accomplished within a certain time limit. Essentially the same, struggling to netting a giant ball in the middle of the field into the opposing goal. Rocket League itself offers plenty of modes, with 3 vs 3 as the standard game, although alternative modes such as 1 vs 1-4 vs 4 is also included in it. But unlike the game of football in general, there is no definitive role for each player. You are free to define your own style of play. Do you want to survive? Joined the attack? Or just a craze along with two other players, who may or may not know.

Rocket League also offers a little bit mode "offline" in it. You can follow similar matches against the AI ​​Season. However, as this mode is not the main attraction. Rocket League that the essence of truth is when you are together with other player trying to subdue 3 other player in a crazy game. To give a little sensation of progress, it also provides system level rise. But does not affect your performance, the majority of reward ended up being cosmetic items, from the body of the car, flag, rocket effect, to "cap" for your car. At least he helped create car designs more personal as your character.

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