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What to do to lose weight after giving birth

During pregnancy, maternal weight usually will go up very much. Unfortunately, in some women, after childbirth, weight rises undiminished, even increasing. Calm, the mother was not alone. In a survey in the United States, nearly 75 percent of women feel their weight is higher after delivery than before pregnancy.

To quickly trim, the mother tried every way. Unfortunately, many of which ended in vain. Some are frustrated because it could not stand by a strict diet or exercise exhausting. In fact, a strict diet is not well know for milk production. It's good to lose weight after giving birth, the natural way to do the following:

1. Breastfeeding exclusively

Breastfeeding not only provide the best food for babies, but also easy and inexpensive way to streamline the body after birth.

Amazing facts say, when mom gives exclusive breastfeeding, the fat deposits in the body eroded away bit by bit. Therefore, the stored fat will be used to produce milk. The more frequent breastfeeding, the more fat that is eroded.

Keep in mind, in a day, breastfeeding can burn about 6000 calories! An activity that can only be equaled by exercising or doing the tread mill for 2 hours without stopping. A study in France said, a nursing mother can lose weight up to 0.5 to 0.8 kg per month.

2. Playing with Little

Sports not only swim or fitness for hours, but also playing with the child. Only by playing , or standing squat (squat) while carrying the baby to burn 100 calories, and make the child smile. You and your baby bond was established.

If the baby is still too small, you can play with your older child. Playing catch throwing a ball or playing chase for 10 minutes can burn 100 calories.

3. Consumption of warm drinks

Research shows that three cups of green tea or hot tea can burn calories up to 78-106 calories, bright Lisa Davis, Ph.D., deputy head of research and development in Medifast. In addition, cool down with a cup of tea can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

This stimulation can lead to burning calories. Just make sure the mother is not taking tea after eating the main meal, because the levels of tannins in tea can reduce the absorption of some vitamins are essential for the body.

4. Duties home

Do not underestimate the activity of housework. This activity effectively burn calories in the body. The following household activities that can burn 100 calories:

- Wash dishes for one hour

- Mop for half an hour

- Cook for 55 minutes

- Ironing or shopping for food for 1 hour

- Carrying a child for 40 minutes

5. Do not miss breakfast

Avoid the breakfast is not only bad for health, but may increase maternal body weight with ease. If you skip breakfast in the morning, most likely in the afternoon, you will feel more hungry, which will then make you overeat and your weight is getting out of control.

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