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Just Cause 3's world is far larger

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix officially announced Just Cause 3 November 2014 and which will be released next December 1st, 2015 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Takes place islands fiction in the Mediterranean, brings a lot of improvements on the mechanical side when using the equipment parachute and grappling hook (which became the main equipment in prequel), with a story that focused on the attack the headquarters of the dictator, and promises there will be plenty of action in the air through The new fixtures character called "wingsuit" to complete the mechanical parachute and grapple. Yes, humans do "fly" in this game! Thanks to the new equipment, the character Rico Rodriguez can do an extreme adrenaline rush of action, explosions everywhere, gliding through the air with a flourish,

game developers spread if they have already reached the status "goes gold" or has completed its development period, and just waiting distributed to retailers. Commemorate these achievements, two new video dirilia. One raised about a little story behind Just Cause 3 (yes, the reason if you ask what causes the destruction and all the explosions), and the other, a video that shows when using a wingsuit Rico, as well as a panoramic display.

Of course there is always a reason of all the destruction and flames are visible during the video above, is not it? In Just Cause 3, Rico returned home to save the land of his birth, the Medici, of the power of a single ruler who often do as they please, General Di Ravello. He and Rico actual past stories (not good, of course), because in Ravello that trigger why Rico before leaving Medici.

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