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Tales from the Borderlands last episodes is going to be released

Tales from the Borderlands Episode Finale -The Vault of the Traveller, would be present for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 from 20 of October. Then followed the Xbox on October 21, and the last mobile platform to get it on 21 October.

Earlier, last week to exempt the first episode of Telltale Games Tales from the Borderlands for Android and iOS users, and also in the console and PC. You can play Episode 1, Zer0 Sum free. Although just the first episode alone, hopefully this step for all, not just to make us interested in downloading, playing, and then may be willing to pay a second until the fifth episode. Previously, each episode was sold for US $ 4.99 but you get a 20% discount if you buy his season pass, which gives you five episodes for just US $ 15. You can download Tales from the Borderlands version of Android through Google Play Store and iOS through Apple iTunes.

Overall this game will be air-setting some time after the events that happened in Borderlands 2. So, you can finish first Borderlands previous games, a new play this game. The game features five characters with a specialization different, among others, Rhys (voiced by Troy Baker), Fiona (Laura Bailey), Vaughn (Chris Hardwick), Sasha (Erin Yvette), Vasquez (Patrick Warburton) and Handsome Jack (Dameon Clarke). While this new course Fiona Rhys and that you can control.

Tales from the Borderlands Borderlands takes place world, focused on the planet Pandora. Stories about Vault contains treasures in Pandora has invited many "Vault Hunters" to the planet, and also the interests of Hyperion corporation, which oversees the planet by military means through a headquarters orbiting nearby. This game occurs after the events in Borderlands 2; the current president of Hyperion who has long ruled, Handsome Jack, was killed along with the arrival of many Vault Hunter on the planet. When it's well known it turns out there are more Vaults scattered throughout the galaxy, directing the search more Vault Keys, which could open up new Vaults.

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