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Fatal Frame new games for WiiU

Complex, it may be said that directly slide from your mouth when you first learn to pay attention to the plot offered by Fatal Frame: The Maiden of Black Water. Indeed, the red thread is still the same, that you become a protagonist who must fight against the demons and various paranormal phenomenal USING special cameras - Obscura. The difference? No longer two, you will now act as the three main characters with background stories and motives respectively. You will be dealing with this nightmare as Yuri Kozukata, Ren Hojo, and Miu Hinasaki.

Everything revolves around a haunted mountain called Hikami who do not hesitate to ask victims if anyone dared to climb when the night. Yuri tried to find his best friend - Hisoko Kurosawa who disappeared without trace in the mountain, while looking for his mother Miu - Miku Hinasaki who also suffered a similar fate. While Hojo focus more on efforts to dismantle the mystery of what really happened behind the haunted Hikami. What makes the paranormal activity at the mountain that is attached to the activity of suicide is so strong, especially when the information obtained began to open up a surprising fact.

Plots in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is not as simple as one might imagine. Although in the end you will find a common thread between these three characters must have this, it is presented through the storyline forward and backward with the introduction of new characters were not as strong as imagined. The only major way to understand what was happening was to read in detail all the records that you find along the way. Through it? Goodbye to a good understanding of what is actually happening. Because you will meet with the culture, cult activity, brutal assassination of course need a strong motive for assembled.

what actually happens with this Hikami mountain? Can Yuri, Miu and Ren achieve their mission? Mysteries that await them? What kind of challenges that must be faced? All the answers to these questions can be found by playing Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

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